July 7, 2014

Diving Makes Ageless, Really?

Diving Makes Ageless
Likes extreme sports such as rock climbing, white water rafting or diving? If you are a person who likes to do these sports, congratulations, because you are likely to be more youthful. According to some sources, it turns diving ageless, because there are some repairs body cells that occurs while diving.

When someone dives then the muscles in the body will be stronger, including the heart, lungs and blood stream. Diving also makes the body more flexible and balanced. Subject that diving ageless is still in a long conversation.

Although there is no strong evidence base to prove that diving ageless, but if considered logically, diving very helpful man to get the ideal body composition, and it is equipped to live a more fit and healthy.

Some doctors have revealed that, no doubt if diving ageless. Because, when someone is in that sea, the oxygen in the depths of the sea will turn into a liquid, so that when it enters the body will not necessarily help the body repair damaged cells, including the heart. This theory is then used in hyperbaric therapy.

So it is not surprising that some athletes or some divers diver looks to have ideal posture with tight skin. They get liquid oxygen fought in improving their stamina.

Not only provide physical strength, diving may also bring one with nature, so that helps a person to train his intuition and also felt the need to conserve marine habitats that are currently the higher the level of pollution.

However, if you are not too adept, then ask for the support of the diving coach to keep you safe and healthy during the dive, and dive in the sea that low levels of pollution, so the benefits of the dive will be more pronounced for you.

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July 3, 2014

Mercury Content Vigilant When Eating Sushi

Mercury Content Vigilant When Eating Sushi
Lately Japanese food spontaneously become one of the much-loved foods. Not only well-known in Asia, Japanese food was very in enjoy doing in Europe and America and into consumer sizable Japanese food. There is one thing to watch out for, especially when buying sushi, which contains the mercury when eating sushi.

Mercury is a common sight of marine animals such as fish, shrimp, crab or shellfish. Some parts of the ocean in Indonesia also contains a lot of waste, which are likely to cause pollution of mercury. This then causes the mercury content when eating sushi or other seafood that is consumed raw.

Not Necessarily Free Marine Fish Contaminants

Although much research done says that fish is one of the foods like proteins, thus providing a high nutrient to the body, but still must be underlined, choose fish with minimal contaminants. Unfortunately, almost all of the restaurants do not tell how the content of contaminants in fish dishes he made, especially the use of raw fish such as sushi.

In 2007, the Organization of the marine Washington DC, has been testing samples of sushi from 23 cities in the United States. From the research, it was found that three samples of whole tuna samples had mercury levels higher than the FDA set.

Not long after that, the New York Times also tells the same thing, that of approximately 20 restaurant in Manhattan sushi sample taken, it turns out 25% of sushi have high mercury levels. And, nearly half had mercury levels that almost reached the threshold.

Mercury Content vigilant When Eating Sushi For Pregnant Women

One of the people who should be aware of the content of this sushi is pregnant women, and also children. Consuming meat sushi is raw fish prone to wear causing an influx of mercury into the pregnant woman's body, which is harmful to the fetus.

Not just sushi, pregnant women should also not consume seafood with high levels of mercury which is feared as shellfish or tuna. If the mother wants to consume these foods, then cook it the right way, although it should also be avoided.

There are two things to worry about pregnant women, the content of mercury when eating sushi and bacterial content that may be worrying and infect the womb, which is also found in sushi. For extra security, while the stop consuming raw foods including sushi so that the mother and the fetus remains healthy.

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July 2, 2014

Forgotten Disease in Early Age, How to Prevent It?

Forgotten Disease in Early Age
Often forget to put things? Forgot the name of a person? Forget the day and hour of the meeting? Lest you have forgotten disease in early age.

Lost or senile, though not a disease, but it can be one of the things that harm. Especially if it started happening at a young age. In general, the symptoms appear in old age forget or around the age of 65 years and over. Forgotten disease in early age bias is caused because of unhealthy lifestyles.

Although often not considered alarming, people forgotten disease in early age should be alert to this. If not found the cause, it could be a problem of dementia or cognitive decline in brain function occurs at a young age.

Well for those of you who are prone to forgotten disease early age, there are several things you can do

Brain Sharpening Capabilities
Playing games is not always useless. Playing games can essentially be one way to make active the brain works. By making your brain is active, then the brain will continue to function. Increasingly rare brain function, then he will get to experience weakness. Not just playing a game, you can also sharpen the brain's ability to exercise, such as playing chess.

Stop Drinking Alcohol
If you are a consuming alcohol, maybe it's time you stop consuming alcohol. Alcohol will accelerate the decline of cognitive functions of your brain, thus causing you to become forgetful. Alcohol is also one of the causes of early dementia or Alzheimer's disease.

Several drugs, especially illicit drugs not only be a bad influence on organs such as the liver and kidneys, but also can decrease brain function and cause problems forgotten disease at an early age. if you suffer from certain diseases that force you must take long-term medication, discuss with your doctor whether the side effects of the drug may cause your brain function and memory decline or not. Your doctor will help you find the solution.

Vitamin B12 Deficiency
Yes, one of the effects of vitamin B12 deficiency is a decline in brain function. Vitamin B12 deficiency causes memory loss causing problems at an early age to forget. You can tell if you are getting enough vitamin B12 or not to perform the examination. If you find that you lack vitamin B12 intake, maybe you can add it to supplement vitamin B12.

Quite Night Sleep
If you are working, and often stay up, from this moment you arrange time off correctly. If you often have trouble sleeping, it can answer the question of why you are young forget. By the time a person sleeps, the body will try to translate all the information that occurred on this day. With you get enough sleep, your body has plenty of time to translate the memory. Not surprisingly, people who have trouble sleeping prone to experience a decrease in brain function that makes it forgetful.

There are many other things that you should also note that increasing brain memory, of which is to eat nutritious and good food for the brain and also doing enough physical activity. Physical activity will make the blood flow to your brain running smoothly so distanced you from the forgotten disease in early age.

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You are Solution Up Your Dread Problem!

You are Solution Up Your Dread Problem
I have realised, that maybe I comprise of one of person which like to alarm little things. I pronto always want to blame Google. Don't know why, I often perceive, over well-read Google makes I become more overprotektif to self me.

What myself that experiences it? Are not!

As one has once been worked through previous, dread problem really as trend universalizes latterly. There are many cause why someone experiences it. Severally case is met because betrayal problem of lover, one that makes it difficulting to trust others and alarm is at social environment. Dread trouble on children and frequent stripling also environmental accepting effect appearance social one less or also since cyberbullying problem.

On severally sign its appearance peculiarity on self someone, e.g. is so easy really perceive pleasantly and as sec as then even perceive really depression. Edge out razzing and is so easy also cry. Some bodies is so easy panic for trivia.

Lose face to psychiatrist, for fear is told crazy

Yes, psychological problem really still frequent is looked on as problem that shameful. Largely person assesses, if have psychological problem means You Are kindred like crazy. Eventually, there is psychological problem medley at world, that don't afterwards be assumed crazy. But, without handle in point, can become demulcent psychological problem as weight, so concludes madness.

Hence, don't red faced for consults by psychiatry or psychological doctor. They will give therapy in point to settle dread trouble problem that luxuriant. In many heavy dread trouble, maybe needful special therapy or with special ingredient, and can become to get time that enough so long for its healing.

Settle Your dread problem by now!

There is some way That You can do to make You more easy going faces life. Dread problem usually arises since You less easy going accept information and less easy going trip Your daily. Things following That You can do:
  1. If You have problem with other people previous, therefore tries to pass over that person and removes ill will taste at Your heart. Vindictive feel can evoke qualm on environmentally Your social.
  2. You need share friend. To a considerable part woman, they really masterly deep shared story with another girl friend. And believe it or not, this session makes a more woman can gain control feel than man. share with garden really will reduce Your charges for temporary, at a swoop makes You to have solution affix to settle Your alarm feel.
  3. Provide time for thyself, with gets holiday or do hobby. Maybe You need one week or two weeks to know self You are back. Know in as much as which You have potency, sight in as much as which You have family that love You, so for what cares worn. You will know how pose on self You, if You Are versed self You.
  4. Nutritive food will make You full energy. Energy so positive in build Your aplomb. Besides, nutritive food Will make You healthier and most dodge of disease, one that everlastingly makes You alarm, e.g. ulcer disease.
  5. Sport. Yes, as once provides Your time to drawn round garden and enjoys landscape. You need it, are not strictly for make You Are healthy, but to see how a lot of person also mean try to healthy as You.
Then, if You are categorised person that have to increase tall panic on there are many thing, Google doctor may as once Your mandatory avoid. Yes, sometime sectioned technological this the one can make You alarm crescent.

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July 1, 2014

Why Bathing With Cold Water Better For Men?

Bathing With Cold Water
Are you a man who always use warm water every time the shower? If yes, you should re-think from now. It's time you change your habits are like a bath with warm water, and replaced with your body flushed with a cold shower every day.

Indeed, a bath with warm water will make you feel more comfortable when your skin is exposed to splash water, but warm water does not give any effect to your everyday life. In fact you will not feel more refreshed than if you take a shower afterwards with cold water. In addition to drowsiness faster lost, cold shower also makes you excited about starting your morning activity.

Not only that, a cold shower also has two functions very well for a man's fertility. Well, for those of you who are planning a married and planning to have children, change the habit of a hot bath now, and get more benefits with your shower with cold water every day.

Bathing With Cold Water Increase Testosterone Levels

In the 19th century, many doctors are recommending it to men to shower with cold water, in order to shed the sin. Moreover, if the men are often involved in fights. Called a cold shower can make lust extinguished.

Well, only in this century that reason changed. Because cold water bath remains beneficial, but the benefits are to increase production estoteron in men. This study has been developed by an institution that is Trombosisi Research Institute.

Cold water bath Good for Quality Sperm

Did you know that male genitalia is not very good when the water splashed with warm or hot temperatures. This is due, at higher temperatures, the testes will produce less sperm. In 1950, a study was conducted to prove that a hot bath is an effective natural contraception. A study says that a man who often soak in hot water for 30 minutes in 3 weeks, have a greater degree of infertility for 3-6 months. It is the reference why cold water bath is more advisable for those who plan to have children in the near future.

Not only that, a shower with hot water also helps you expedite the rate of blood flow so that the amount of blood throughout the body more and more, resulting in a more healthy body because blood supply is properly fulfilled.

What if starting tomorrow morning, you shower with cold water?

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June 30, 2014

Smart People Problem

Smart People Problem
Before you begin, please note the smart people here means that smart is education, not the magic. Surely we all have a friend or colleague is not all that smart? and often, he's fronted the group you all. But do you know, every smart person is arguably had some sort of "disease"?

The disease in this case is not a disease like influenza, dengue fever etc, but more to that person mentally. A few days ago, I was browsing the Internet, ranging from news, game reviews, to open up until finally Wikipedia. On the Wiki itself, I see an article, Dunning-Kruger Effect. What is the Dunning-Kruger Effect (for this article abbreviated DK) this? DK is a psychological theory developed by David Dunning and Justin Kruger at Cornell University. In this article there are two principles but I am more inclined to explain one principle.

DK Effect is the conclusion which most people fail to realize the limits of their own expertise so that he feels that he is able, not its reality. Often this is what happened to some smart people, they felt that he was able to do some things but they forget the limits of their ability so that they tend to underestimate. Examples in real life like this:

The "A" is good at playing basketball. Could dunk, three-point shoot from the middle of the field, etc.. He considered all the same sports, essentially just the same print run scores. Once he tried to play football, let alone steal the ball, kicking the ball just out of the field often.

This is the case whether the life of the school, college and even work. Smart tend to forget boundaries and usually, things like this that eventually brings havoc to all the fellow or his friends. Why could this be? I think the way they think is causing it. They, talented, talents may be quickly absorbed form of science. They think everything can be learned if you want. But they forget, the learning that took your clever-clever, could not understand the language Mandarin in 1 week.

But they are not entirely to blame, sometimes this happens because of the encouragement from those of us own aka his friends. So smart, we often impose duties to them so they think, "all is not going smoothly if there is no me." It is certainly often the case in the world where the most clever lectures were always the most difficult to ration since the others do not want to and he himself could feel (in the sense of "to be learned was the time between 3 months").

To end this opinion, I want to Convey advices to the reader, especially the smart. You should be aware, science has its limits you and every person has their respective advantages. Take advantage of it for the people you help. Those who say less smart, not smart charged everything into this. You also have to come to help lighten the load and also to Realize the smart. Maybe you can not programming, but maybe you know who can and can persuade people programming this to help your team.

That's all from me, thank you.

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June 27, 2014

Relieve Flu Symptoms with Chicken Soup

Chicken Soup
It is not a severe disease, but the symptoms of flu can inhibit the activity of our daily lives. With symptoms of chills, runny nose, nasal congestion, and fatigue would be very disturbing and makes us uncomfortable in the move. At such times we need intake can relieve flu symptoms. Activity so that we can continue to operate as usual despite the slight limp because of the unhealthy state as usual.

This disease usually last up to 2 weeks or 1 month depending on the condition of people who have it. By taking chemical drugs are widely available in pharmacies, can not cure the cold symptoms as well, but only relieve flu symptoms alone. And we need to know that its continued use in the long term it will be more severe and negative impact on our health.

Actually, that can cure the symptoms of the flu is a nutritious food intake and contains antioxidants that we consume during flu. Therefore, even though it tastes bitter when eating, we have to force it if you want to quickly recover. Some foods such as chicken soup is always cold medicines used in ancient times in some Asian countries such as China and Korea. Then mustard, lemon and ginger also been reliably reduce flu symptoms since antiquity.

Some of the above foods we consume to relieve the symptoms of flu are being attacked. Get used to wear a mask when you're cold because of this disease, including infectious diseases. Keep your environment to stay healthy and free of flu symptoms.

Good luck.

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June 2, 2014

Understanding The Emotions

Understanding The Emotions
Emotions are the driving factors of life. Every act of conscious or unconscious always driven by a specific emotion. Movement (motion) and emotions are both derived from the Latin "movere" which means to move.

Years ago I never heard Ven Sri Paññavaro Mahathera said, "the human mind consists of thoughts, feelings, memories, and consciousness. The fourth component of this is the provocateur was feeling".

He's my opinion always remember. Now, as someone who studied technology and in particular clinical hypnotherapist mind, I came to the same conclusion. All actions of a person, whatever it is, is always based on one or several specific emotions.

But I do not stop just here. I watched long enough, studying, and curious about the emotions. In the clinical context, which always makes me curious is why positive emotions (eg, happy, happy, happy) difficult to maintain, even if we really want to feel or experience it as long as possible, while negative emotions (eg, sadness, hurt, disappointed, anger, fear, anxiety) so hard removable, although we have tried to remove it? What causes this?

After we experience positive emotions subside and disappear automatically. Instead of negative emotions, so show up and we feel, usually last long enough. And still could emerge again when triggered by a stimulus that is similar to that previously gave rise.

Most experts agree with the existence of basic emotions, which are very strong, which is the source of other emotions. Although not yet achieved consensus on the primary emotion but in general discussion of the four basic emotions always include the following emotions: fear, happy, sad, and angry.

Great thinker Rene Descartes says that there are six basic emotions of love, hate, admiration, desire, happy, and sad. While the German philosopher Immanuel Kant said that there are five basic emotions: love, hope, humble, happy and sad. In his book published in 1890, Principles of Psychology, William James, father of American psychology, simplified into four basic emotions: love, fear, sadness, and anger. Every emotion, according to James, is the combination of these four basic emotions.

Many writers and therapists define emotions as good or bad, positive or negative. It's not quite right. Every emotion is normal and is a form of communication from the subconscious to the conscious mind. Each message contains a specific emotion that needs to be understood. For the sake of ease of discussion in this article I use the "label" for the positive emotions that make us feel comfortable and negative emotions that make us uncomfortable.

People are often confused between expression (expression) and experience (experience) emotions. Experiencing emotion is what one feels in his body. While the expression of emotion is what one does because of emotion. Involve emotional sensation experienced at the self while emotional expression involves action beyond self.

The expression of emotions include movement, occurs on the outside of the body, and produces a physical sensation. Experiencing emotion involving a feeling that can be felt in the physical body in a certain region, which is centered on the torso (trunk consisting of chest, back, and abdomen) and does not involve movement of the body.

Emotions rarely appear alone, they do not stand alone, but interact with other emotions. Generally some emotions appear and fade simultaneously. And more often than one emotion arises first and then trigger other emotions with a first emotion is faded or missing.

The most frequently encountered or experienced that emotion of fear, sadness, and shame triggers anger. This occurs because of the emotion of fear, sadness, and shame painful nature. To avoid the pain of these emotions activate the subconscious mind of other emotions as anger that are expansive and strengthen individual. Angry make us forget the painful emotions.

There are emotions that are expansive, encouraging us to move outwards themselves, interact with the environment, while others are contractionary, cause us to withdraw from the environment.

Emotions that are expansive, among others, happy, love, anger, self-confident. While the emotions that are contractive include sadness, shame, a sense of betrayal, loneliness, and fear. Emotions are also contracting contraction organs and glands in the body region where the emotion is felt.

Contraction caused by the emotion gripping organ tissue, blocking the flow of blood and nutrients, and inhibit organ to function normally and optimally. This contraction will continue for these painful emotions are still there. When emotion is lost, automatically stop contractions, and organs return to normal operation.

Fritz Perls, father of Gestalt, saying that emotions have a life span that includes one birth and one death, one early and one late. Emotions unresolved and will remain alive in us, continue to disrupt our lives until they are fully experienced, thorough, used up, and finishes.

Stay within ourselves and live unresolved emotions (negative emotions) are derived from all the trauma we've experienced. We are no longer aware of the existence of those who have buried deep in the subconscious mind, but they still exist and actively influencing every thought, speech, and actions. Emotions continue to live and be active even though the events that trigger these emotions has ended.

Painful emotions can only be lost if he experienced fully, learn, and resolved by the individual. Another way is to give a new meaning to the initiating events that lead to the emergence of these emotions. The problem is even though the initial emotion has been successfully neutralized, with re- purposing, it turns out there are other events in the series of life events that contain one type of emotion and character strengthens previous emotions. It also needs to be neutralized to achieve optimum results in an attempt to overcome or eliminate disturbing emotions.

All emotion is good, because it serves to provide information, direction, and motivation that will help us create a happy life. Emotions generated by the subconscious mind and an urge to act, or early warning system guiding natural, and is one form of communication with the conscious mind.

Emotion or feeling is the language commonly called the subconscious mind is very positive and it contains a message or specific meaning to the fulfillment of specific requirements as well. This lack of understanding or ignorance that often result in a person experiencing stressful conditions or when experiencing emotional suffering "negative" certain.

Emotions are often experienced by a person is angry, guilt, fear, frustration, disappointment, sadness, loneliness, a sense of inadequacy, boredom, and stress. When observed, every emotion is a specific meaning as following:
  • Angry = was treated unfairly.
  • Guilt = felt had treated others unfairly.
  • Fear = something bad will happen (anticipation).
  • Frustrated = what has been done does not give desired results like, need another way.
  • Disappointed = what is wanted can not be realized.
  • Sad = lose something valuable.
  • Loneliness = need interactions / relationships meaningful.
  • Taste not afford = nothing wrong with yourself.
  • Boredom = less challenge. 
  • Stress = too many things to do in the moment.

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